Guidelines for Marriages and Baptism

Revised Charges Starting 1st March 2022


  1. Meet parish Priest 6 MONTHS before the intended date of marriage.
  2. Marriages approved by the Church:
    • Catholic & Catholic marriage — Mass
    • Catholic & other Christian — Service
    • Catholic & others— Service
  3. Completed Marriage Preparation Course (MPC) – 2 full day
  4. Fill Pre-nuptial Inquiry Form after MPC. Bring along:
    • Baptism and Confirmation certificate
    • MPC Certificate
    • Civil marriage certificate, if applicable
    • I/C (including photocopy of witnesses I/C)
    • Photo (passport size, 1 copy each)
  5. Date of Marriage — Priest will confirm date
  6. Permitted days and times (Monday to Saturday; 9:30 AM —2:00 PM); No marriages permitted on Sundays, Parish Feast day, Lent, Advent.
  7. Fees: Administration, MPC, certificate, Family Register booklet, wedding booklet (10 copies) ($250); additional booklet ($1 per copy)


  1. First Saturday of the month @ 2:00 PM (Pre-baptism instruction class on the Wednesday before baptism day @ 7:30 PM). Both parents and Godparents must attend.
  2. Steps:
    • Contact parish office assistance for Registration form and more details
    • Bring along:
      • Completed Registration form
      • The child’s birth certificate
      • The parent’s Church & Civil marriage certificate
      • The Godparent’s I/C and baptism certificate
  1. Fees: Administration, Baptism candle & certificate, white garment, seminar ($50)

For more details and clarifications, contact Parish Priest or the Parish Office staff.

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