WMS 2022

WMS 2022
World Mission Rosary Pamphlet_02
Celebrating World Mission Sunday (Video)

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CEP Prayer Card Bahasa

CEP Prayer Card Chinese

WMS Bahasa

Holy Childhood English

Holy Childhood Bahasa

Pope Francis Message for World Mission Day 2021

In this World Mission Month – when we celebrate World Mission Sunday (October 24) – the Missionary Childhood Association (MCA) offers a “moment for the Missions” for each day of October. There are opportunities to learn, to pray, to act, to reflect and discuss, and to stand in solidarity with children and families in the Pope’s missions. These “moments” can be part of a religious education program – in person or remote – or be the focus of family life on a particular day.



Marian and Mission Rosary – English
Mandarin  Tamil  Malay

The Church of Christ on Mission in the World

Missionary Novena

The Rosary Prayer (in English, Bahasa, Iban, Tagalog and Chinese)

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How to Pray the World Mission Rosary

Mission Rosary

EMY Examination of Conscience During Lent

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Official website: EMMOCT2019

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