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St Peregrine

St Joseph Moscati

Novena to St Joseph

We know Joseph was a man of faith, obedient to whatever God asked of him without knowing the outcome. When the angel came to Joseph in a dream and told him the truth about the child Mary was carrying, Joseph immediately and without question or concern for gossip, took Mary as his wife. When the angel came again to tell him that his family was in danger, he immediately left everything he owned, all his family and friends, and fled to a strange country with his young wife and the baby. He waited in Egypt without question until the angel told him it was safe to go back.

Day One: Foster Father of Jesus

Day Two: Virginal Husband of Mary

Day Three: Man Chosen By The Blessed Trinity

Day Four: Faithful Servant

Day Five: Patron of the Church

Day Six: Patron of Families

Day Seven: Patron of Workers

Day Eight: Friend In Suffering

Day Nine: Patron of a Happy Death

Servite Rosary

How to pray the Servite Rosary

The Servite Rosary owes its origin to the Servite Order founded by the Seven Holy Founders in 1233. From the beginning, they dedicated their lives to Our Lady of Sorrows.

How is this connected to cancer?

The patron saint of cancer patients, St. Peregrine, was himself a member of the Servite Order. Following a diagnosis of an incurable cancer in his leg, he was scheduled for an amputation as his only hope for survival. While praying during the night before his operation he was totally cured. He lived more than 20 years beyond this inexplicable miracle and did not die until he was well into his 80s.

Regina Coeli

Letter of the Holy Father Francis to the Faithful for the month of May 2020

Pope Francis Prayer for May

Pope Francis Prayer for May 3a

Pope Francis Prayer for May 3b


prayer to st joseph

Our Lady of Sheshan

The Church in China

Spiritual Communion

The Eucharist is true bread from heaven for our journey towards Eternal Life. When “it is not possible to receive sacramental communion, participation at Mass remains necessary, important, meaningful and fruitful. In such circumstances we recommend the practice of spiritual communion. Frequent spiritual communion keeps us close to Christ by sustaining and deepening our desire to receive Him. You may use the prayer by St. Alphonsus Liguori, or express these sentiments in your own words:

Spiritual Communion prayer 2

Spiritual Communion prayer

Spiritual Communion Bahasa

Novena to the Holy Spirit

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